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Selasa, 09 November 2010

Zero Thought

I won't believe but how can't I believe in what they say. Something that paralyze me. Pushing me to do something that will hurt me. They say : "You'll be hurt for a while, but then you'll be healed soon. You're too young. You have long long journey! You should be careful, be aware. Chose the best one! Bla bla bla . . ."

Oh goshh . . It keeps me considering about that. This isn't an one nite thought. This could hundred years thought! And I don't care if I'm Stuck! Everyday I feel the same way, It won't change until I do what they say! Yeah, do something that it will give me so much painful. Well, I know. Yes, I know. I know that I did mistake. Then, I could fix that! This is my good intention.

Now a days, I face these circumstances. More and more they say : "These are caused by your mistakes!" Aaarrgghhh . . . . Sucks! I really need to take a rest guys! You all are giving me such a giant attack, and it's so much exhausted.

-to be continued-

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