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Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Family and Love

I'm so grateful for my family. I am so Thankful to Thee (Dear Father in Heaven) that Family can be TOGETHER FOREVER. I know THY Plan is true.

My Lovable Mom. . .

She's kinda strong woman. I love the way she laugh. She's talk active actually, hhohoho . But she always understand her children. I love her no matter what. I know she loves me too. Sometimes, we have misunderstanding or something , but all i know She teaches me to love one another. :) I ove you, Mom . .

My Dad ^^. He's in a better place now. And I know he keeps watching over us, I love the way he gave me advices. He's the strongest and the best man I ever had, I ever known. I miss him always, day by day. I need him, Dad. But seems that I can only feel him near me. I always wanna tell him everything about me and my love, my love life. I love you too much, Dad. Always :). I know God be with me, with us till we meet again.

My mow always teach me to serve one another kindly, like the way my mom served my dad when he was alive. ^^

Me, my lil' fancy sister, and My Granny. My granny from my Dad. She's the best chief in our big family. She loves to cook. She loves me and my hubby (Ndronk). She always understand the circumstances we've been facing. She always support us. She's kinda strong woman like my mom. She teaches me always to say a prayer for our family. I'm so thankful for her. I'm so thankful for being real her who always keep the faith.

My Sister ! She's the first daughter of my family. She has a million jokes to make us , my family laugh. I love the way she is. She knows everything about me. She's beautiful, so loyal and faithful to her love and her family. She's smart, and I love her always ^^

He's the man that my sister love. And he loves my sister. The cute girl behind him, is like an angel for my sister. She loves her like her own daughter. Hohohoho . . . . Cute Pic ! :p

My Brother , and His wife . . . hohoho . . My brother is a kind man, believe me! Sometimes she's rude, like to mock everyone, hahahah . . . He loves to comment about my style. He always say that I'm a like a old woman when I dressed up. Hewh, what a comment?! He always and always say me so, Jhahahah . . He's rascal a little. He works at Music studio, he's the bassist of a local band in Malang. Begundal Lowokwaru. But He just the way he is. He and His wife stay in our home. His wife is a stylist, She loves to cook and do make up over, hohoho. She works at Spencer Saloon. We are as close as bond family. :)

Me , and my Lil Sister! Xoxoxoxo . . Owh My gosh, she's rude >.<>

LOUIE THE DOG. He's the prettiest dog. He has affair with Clara, hahahaha. He's so attractive. I miss LOUIE THE DOG. :'(

SHAGGY!!! He's kinda cute dog. I love him! xoxoxo . . . He loves to hang out with his girl friend (Surti). I like the way he barks when I home. I miss you Shaggy T.T Where are you now? We love you .


Owh My Gosh !! What a handsome Man! xoxoxoxxo ^o^

My Ndronk. I love him, the way he is. He's so lovable. He loves me too much, I can feel it. I know he loves to make me and the children happy. He loves to joke. Even some people say he has a scary face. Hahahahah. He's so loyal, responsible man. He cares me and 2 little angels. His love is so original. I love you Pa. I love my 2 little angels too. They're so precious to me. Thanks for being you, Pa.

Rakha and Vira. Rakha the first son of Chandra (Ndronk's brother). And my cute smart and a kind girl Vira! SEPTIA FIRZA ADNAS JEVIRA. What a lovely name. She calls me Mama Badhut, always and always. She's so talk active. She lives with her Yangti in Palembang. I miss you, honey. Mom Betha love you always. Though we can still communicate by phone. Be patient baby, Pop and Mom are gonna be there. We're here just to take care of your lovable sister, Sania :). I know you can understand, honey. :-*

SANIA ADNAS DWIANTI. Cute daughter of mine! I wonder that She was born to be a model. Just, look the way she pose. She's caught perfectly in camera. Hohohoo, My baby! I wanna stay with her forever. She's my daughter, cute daughter. Be patient darling. Mom love you. Unconditional, seriously! To be honest, We love you.

Ni , tak kasih bonus :-D

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