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Senin, 04 Oktober 2010

Rainy October (Love it)

I really wanna have those moments ... On October .... Last Year :)
And when the tears came down from the sky, Soften those rocks, Melt those lands, and Let those fresh green leaves wet, Fell it Pours so Gently ..

And I remember, The same way he looked at me so Gently. When we looked upon the sky and Feel the Rain, I can always see his face. Listen to his story. So happy, So sad, It's a good things I have ever listened. "From now on, I really wanna be by your side and See the way you lie next to me." Those words was coming from his mouth so sincerely.

But, October 2009 is not always happiness. It's also a Sad Song ...

When, I loss everything that I thought I could be Very addicted to him (My Daddy). But, all i know that he did his best :) And I could believe him in everything that he ever told me. It's something nice, I'm grateful. I'm sure, this is the best way that he could educate me in different kind of lessons. ^_^

I was enjoying Raining October 2009. Memorable. Unforgettable.

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