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I welcome you to by blog. Hope that you can enjoy and learn something from my post. ^_^I welcome you to my Blog, Hope that you'll enjoy and learn something from my posts. ^_^

Kamis, 23 Desember 2010

For Sale

Here they are , Some gadgets that you would like to buy ;)


CPU :ARM 9 platfrom, VIA WM8505
Operating System : Google Android 1.7
LCD Screen : 7inch TFT LCD Touch Screen; Resolution: 800×480 pixels;
System Memory : 256M
Storage Device : 2GB Flash HDD (standard; optional up to 8GB)
1.3 mega pixel camera
Sound Effect : Built-in Stereo speakers, Microphone; Jacks MIC in & Headphone out
LAN : 10/100M Ethernet Access; WiFi 802.11b/g
Touch Operation : Full-size touch operation, sliding menus, icons
Card Port : TF CARD (512MB-8GB)
AC Power Adaptor : 100V Input, 9V DC Output, 2A
Battery : 2400mAH
Software : Fring, QQ, MSN, Youtube, Google Map, Multimedia Player, Email, Es File Explore, Application Store
Support G Sensor, external RJ45/2 USB port
Dimension 19.9*12.8*0.8-1.4cm
Weight 0.37KG

Price is only IDR 2,750,000.00 !!

Here it is, Another Techno Magic ^_^


1. Screen : 5 inch Touch TFT LCD Screen
2. CPU : SiRF Atlas V ARM 11 600Mhz (Tercepat dikelasnya)
3. System Platform : Windows CE 6.0
4. GPS System : iGO MyWay 8
5. SDRAM : 128MB
6. Nand Flash : 4GB
7. USB : Mini USB 2.0 Connector
8. External Storage : TF/ Micro SD Card (16GB)
9. Storage Temperature : -25? to 75?
10. Operation Temperature : -20? to 70?
11. Video : ASF/AVI/MP4/3GP/WMV
12. Audio : MP3/WMA/WAV
13. Others : E-book (TXT), FM Transmitter
14. Picture Browser : (JPEG/BMP/GIF/PNG)
15. FM Transmitter
16. Rechargeable Battery : 3.7V/900mah
17. Colors : Black & Silver
18. A year Guarantee / Garansi 1 Tahun

1. iGPS One
2. AC Adapter
3. Car Charger
4. USB Cable
5. Car Mount
6. User Manual
7. Kartu Garansi

* Support Maps seluruh Indonesia, termasuk jalan-jalan kecil
* Multimedia Player selain GPS
* Mempermudah perjalanan dalam & luar kota dengan Maps terintregasi iGO MyWay 8
* Rekalkulasi rute dapat dilakukan dengan cepat
* Peringatan batas kecepatan
* Panduan suara yang mudah dimengerti
* Pilihan menu berbahasa Indonesia
* Auto Smart Saving Battery

Price is only IDR 1,750,000.00 !!!

Come on Guys, Grab it Fast :-D

Call/Text me ==> Betha 081233519226 / Adi 03416610711 .

Rabu, 22 Desember 2010

A Must Try to Eat

This hottie but rainy season makes me really full of inspiration about food. :-p

In all of a sudden, I think about "Sambal Dabu-Dabu". The original sambal (spicy sauce) from Manado, Indonesia!

It looks so fresh :-D and so yummy (this is special for people who extremely like spicy sauce,:-p). Believe me, this is a spicy that you've been looking for , hohohoho. Absobloomelately Spicy =))

Here is the receipt if you wanna try at at your kitchen. And it's so easy ^_^

Ingredient :
  • 10 pieces of Red chili
  • 10 pieces Green chili
  • 5 pieces of Onion
  • 2 fresh tomatoes
  • A teaspoon of shrimp paste
  • A half teaspoon of salt
  • A spoon of lemon juice
  • 2-3 spoon of used cooking oil
How to make :
  1. Slice the chili, green chili, onion, and tomatoes. Then set aside.
  2. Mixed together the ingredient above with shrimp paste, salt, lemon juice, used cooking oil and then stir it.
  3. Ready to serve ^_^
Guys, for me it is the best thing to put it on :

I just wonder, some people say that they like to eat Fried Banana with Sambal Dabu-dabu. Well, tell me what's the flavor?! :-p

Wahoo . . . Isn't it too easy guys? You must try this ! Hey you Spicy Freak ,LOL.

Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Mom, today is your day.

Now, it's December 22. Yes, it's Mother Day. Nice to know that I can still say : "Happy Mother's day, Mom." This purple daisy is special for my Mom. I know that purple is mom's favorite color. I'm saying "Happy Mother's Day for all Wonderful Moms in the world."

Special for these people :

My mom while she ironed her outfit, then my sist took her picture , hohoho. Nice pic, I love it <3

My wonderful granny, but She's in the hospital now :'( I hope that she gets better soon.

I am so happy for knowing them well as my moms. I'm so thankful for everyone who's being mom today :). Being a mom is such a greatest job in the world. Showing their love patiently to their children, so lovely and kind! I'm not a real mom but everyone knows that they call me mom :"> I'm so loving it. Anyway, this is for you moms. Special for you :-)

With Love,

Betha ^_^

Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Christmas Blog

Christmas Tree is placed at the corner of my house with the pink background and some pictures. Yayy .. It's December. December always means a Christmas. Carrol, Gifts, Talent show, Sweets, Food (Special food). Everyone in the world celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

I'm longing for the family togetherness. My family mostly are christian, some of them are moslem too. Some members of the church will also sing a christmast carrol to the other members. Now, it's Dec 20. Three more days is christmast. Well, i need to prepare some chocolates and sweets for the children ^o^.

Senin, 13 Desember 2010

Family and Love

I'm so grateful for my family. I am so Thankful to Thee (Dear Father in Heaven) that Family can be TOGETHER FOREVER. I know THY Plan is true.

My Lovable Mom. . .

She's kinda strong woman. I love the way she laugh. She's talk active actually, hhohoho . But she always understand her children. I love her no matter what. I know she loves me too. Sometimes, we have misunderstanding or something , but all i know She teaches me to love one another. :) I ove you, Mom . .

My Dad ^^. He's in a better place now. And I know he keeps watching over us, I love the way he gave me advices. He's the strongest and the best man I ever had, I ever known. I miss him always, day by day. I need him, Dad. But seems that I can only feel him near me. I always wanna tell him everything about me and my love, my love life. I love you too much, Dad. Always :). I know God be with me, with us till we meet again.

My mow always teach me to serve one another kindly, like the way my mom served my dad when he was alive. ^^

Me, my lil' fancy sister, and My Granny. My granny from my Dad. She's the best chief in our big family. She loves to cook. She loves me and my hubby (Ndronk). She always understand the circumstances we've been facing. She always support us. She's kinda strong woman like my mom. She teaches me always to say a prayer for our family. I'm so thankful for her. I'm so thankful for being real her who always keep the faith.

My Sister ! She's the first daughter of my family. She has a million jokes to make us , my family laugh. I love the way she is. She knows everything about me. She's beautiful, so loyal and faithful to her love and her family. She's smart, and I love her always ^^

He's the man that my sister love. And he loves my sister. The cute girl behind him, is like an angel for my sister. She loves her like her own daughter. Hohohoho . . . . Cute Pic ! :p

My Brother , and His wife . . . hohoho . . My brother is a kind man, believe me! Sometimes she's rude, like to mock everyone, hahahah . . . He loves to comment about my style. He always say that I'm a like a old woman when I dressed up. Hewh, what a comment?! He always and always say me so, Jhahahah . . He's rascal a little. He works at Music studio, he's the bassist of a local band in Malang. Begundal Lowokwaru. But He just the way he is. He and His wife stay in our home. His wife is a stylist, She loves to cook and do make up over, hohoho. She works at Spencer Saloon. We are as close as bond family. :)

Me , and my Lil Sister! Xoxoxoxo . . Owh My gosh, she's rude >.<>

LOUIE THE DOG. He's the prettiest dog. He has affair with Clara, hahahaha. He's so attractive. I miss LOUIE THE DOG. :'(

SHAGGY!!! He's kinda cute dog. I love him! xoxoxo . . . He loves to hang out with his girl friend (Surti). I like the way he barks when I home. I miss you Shaggy T.T Where are you now? We love you .


Owh My Gosh !! What a handsome Man! xoxoxoxxo ^o^

My Ndronk. I love him, the way he is. He's so lovable. He loves me too much, I can feel it. I know he loves to make me and the children happy. He loves to joke. Even some people say he has a scary face. Hahahahah. He's so loyal, responsible man. He cares me and 2 little angels. His love is so original. I love you Pa. I love my 2 little angels too. They're so precious to me. Thanks for being you, Pa.

Rakha and Vira. Rakha the first son of Chandra (Ndronk's brother). And my cute smart and a kind girl Vira! SEPTIA FIRZA ADNAS JEVIRA. What a lovely name. She calls me Mama Badhut, always and always. She's so talk active. She lives with her Yangti in Palembang. I miss you, honey. Mom Betha love you always. Though we can still communicate by phone. Be patient baby, Pop and Mom are gonna be there. We're here just to take care of your lovable sister, Sania :). I know you can understand, honey. :-*

SANIA ADNAS DWIANTI. Cute daughter of mine! I wonder that She was born to be a model. Just, look the way she pose. She's caught perfectly in camera. Hohohoo, My baby! I wanna stay with her forever. She's my daughter, cute daughter. Be patient darling. Mom love you. Unconditional, seriously! To be honest, We love you.

Ni , tak kasih bonus :-D

Senin, 06 Desember 2010

God has master plan :-)

Come here, please hold my hand, Lord, now
Help me, I'm scared please show me how
To fight this, God has a master plan
And I guess, I am in his demand

. . . Blink 182_Not Now . . .

I name it The Hand of God. I'm sorry , but actually I never know : what is the real manifestation of HIM? Even HIS hands. I just believe that HE does exist. I just believe that HE just the same like us, I mean the shape. Shape of the body. Yes, I believe that HE has a perfect body. Never meant to cause you in trouble with my belief. But i believe in HIS Plan.

The picture above is the sample. Sample of a Master Plan. This one is Auroville Master Plan. To be honest, I have no idea about it. Never give up! I asked Google The Shaman, :-p.

Auroville (City of Dawn) is an "experimental" township in Viluppuram district in the state of Tamil Nadu, India near Puducherry in South India. It was founded in 1968 by Mirra Alfassa (since her definitive settling in India called "The Mother") and designed by architect Roger Anger. Auroville is meant to be a universal town where men and women of all countries are able to live in peace and progressive harmony, above all creeds, all politics and all nationalities. The purpose of Auroville is to realize human unity. (Wikipedia)

Those explanation from Wikipedia. I can understand a little. But, something that i do not understand is. Master Plan :). Look at that picture. I just can't imagine, How can even a great planner do such a giant things like that! It's difficult to understand. Wait, this is unbelievable. And I just wanna be grateful for this knowledge. This is so real, and a man i man a mankind like us. Yes, we are created to do something we don't even think we can reach it. This is a mind set. I thing you and me will think the same way. Well. this is a Master Plan. A Plan , ehm no A Great Plan made from the brain of a human kind.

That picture is just a sample of creation of a human's brain. But, this is not what i'm going to talk about here. I'd like to show you the mind idea of a Master Plan. Inspired by the lyric of Blink 182, Not Now. The two words that mean so much to me. That is Master Plan.

If you could just think that HE has everything that's a super duper extraordinary plan for us. Yes, for us. For all the People. I stand all amazed. I can believe that this is true. NO HOAX. We never know, what will happen tomorrow. But HE has the record. And HE knows you can pass it, even it's the hardest part. It's strengthen me, you know it's such a motivation for me. Sometimes, you feel that you have a bad feeling. And you think that you can't face it. That is not true. Do not be afraid of things you don't know. Be sure that you're strong. You can put on your positive energy by putting off your positive thinking. I'm sure that you and me are the same. We have a brilliant brain and such a shiny heart :). As long as you have a good intend, you'll find the way to solve. Let us set our mind. God has Master Plan. And of course, It's such a Wonderful Plan for us. No worries, just be grateful for The Plan. :)

Selasa, 09 November 2010

Zero Thought

I won't believe but how can't I believe in what they say. Something that paralyze me. Pushing me to do something that will hurt me. They say : "You'll be hurt for a while, but then you'll be healed soon. You're too young. You have long long journey! You should be careful, be aware. Chose the best one! Bla bla bla . . ."

Oh goshh . . It keeps me considering about that. This isn't an one nite thought. This could hundred years thought! And I don't care if I'm Stuck! Everyday I feel the same way, It won't change until I do what they say! Yeah, do something that it will give me so much painful. Well, I know. Yes, I know. I know that I did mistake. Then, I could fix that! This is my good intention.

Now a days, I face these circumstances. More and more they say : "These are caused by your mistakes!" Aaarrgghhh . . . . Sucks! I really need to take a rest guys! You all are giving me such a giant attack, and it's so much exhausted.

-to be continued-

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Shocking Inspiration ^^

I call it "Shocking Inspiration". Yeah, how can't I say it so? It came in all of a sudden when i took a bath this morning. But, Oh My My! This is brilliant :-). You know what guys?! I can feel that something has risen me up. "Please, wake up .. wake up .. ! You have no time to dissolved in your bad, bad, bad troubles in your mind!" I'm a jerk. I can only cry and what?! This is unsolved. Well, okay! It's not the perfect time to vent what is actually on my thought!

But, let me tell you about something brilliant. Hahahaha .. I like it (Aksen e koyok Rianti Cartwright pas ngomen peserta IMB, hehe)
Bagaimana tidak? Aku merasa jadi zombie sekarang, mati orep maneh ngono loh reek! I Thank Thee for this ^_^ Bapa Surgawi, trimakasih atas sedikit pencerahan ini.

Guys, do you have any idea of what i'm going to share here?
Hhehe . simply i'll tell you. SONGS.

Aku menyampaikan sejuta apresiasiku untuk berlaksa-laksa musisi yang melanglang buana di dunia fantasi mereka bahkan dalam sebuah realita yang menggila demi mendapatkan sebuah "mind" yang segar dan siap untuk "disemburkan". Tak jadi masalah, apakah mereka "advance" dalam memainkan alat musik or whatever they call it "gadungan". But, I stand all amazed by you guys. Thanks :'>

Terkadang, aku sering mengumpat kata-kata yang tak pantas untuk sejenis boy band yang aku anggap banci (maaf.. maafkan aku..) atau band dengan personil yg nggak karu2an style nya (katakan saja KANGEN, maaf ya KANGEN menurutku itu memuakkan) , tapi aku tahu itu adalah such a prominent things, and you don't wanna be a follower. Hahahah .. Bright idea. Good for you :-p
Ada juga yang bergaya nyentrik dengan modal gaya yang "sante saja" atau beberapa orang mengatakan : "Saya terinspirasi oleh band ini , atau musisi ini. Saya meniru gaya mereka, tapi kami tetap punya taste tersendiri. " Sebut saja J-Rocks dengan Larc and Ciel atau Bob Marley dengan Mbah Surip. (Hahahahahahah , Tak gendong Kemana-mana .... Assek!)

Ada satu komen yang ingin aku sampaikan pada Mbah Surip : Mbah, suwon yo sudah meramaikan Indonesia dengan lagu unik dan gaya nyentrikmu. Mugi-Mugi Mbah Surip tasik saged berkarya ten mriko. Oh iyo ngerti nggak mbah? Lagune sampeyan disetel bendino ambek bojoku ndek kantor (Setahun yang lalu waktu di SIP,red). It is nice to be remembered.

Lanjut ==> Lagu dengan Aransemen yang Dahsyat (menurutku) seperti Home-nya Dream Theater atau liriknya yang sangat menggugah hatiku (sedikit lebay, maaf :-p) dalam lagunya yg berjudul Spirit Carries On. Such a beautiful lyric, seems like Victoria becomes real imagination (hhehm, wes aaa! dua kata yang mungkin akan membuatmu bingung untuk menganalogikan). Owh, How Ironic!

I just wonder how can they improve those things become a real good song to listen. One more, I appreciate it. This is one of a great art. God has made it for you and me. Color these world with your song, inspired by these and those circumstances which is really happening now a days.

Oh iya satu lagi! Aku iling bojoku maleh an , hehehe ... (Maaf ya pa, bukannya aku sok ngelupain. Habis kebanyakan inspirasi neyh, hehe .. I love You ..) Aku tak kan pernah berhenti membuatnya stop berkarya! Sebuah lagu yang pernah ia tulis dengan aransemen yang metal (melow total) bertemakan cinta 2 insan yang ingin menyatukan rasa, yahh .. cinta .. loe lagi .. loe lagi! xixixi. Ooh indahnya . . . aransemen yang terinspirasi dari Power Metal ==> Power Melow Total (jhahahahahah ... maaf, ini sepertinya lebih cocok. Ooops , maafkan atas kekhilafanku :-p). Sangat indah lagumu sayang, sedikit memuakkan ketika aku tahu itu bukan lagu untukku, hehehe .. Maaf yah kalau aku egois, Tapi I'm proud of you ...

... dua hati satu ...
bercumbu di langit biru
ditiup sang bayu
semilir menyapaku, oww... yeahh..
melayang tinggi
temani sunyi sepi ini
... dua hati satu ...

Kurang lebih seperti ini liriknya. I wish I could write the whole lyric of this song here. The sweet meaning of this song, I love it.
Ini contoh sederhana kawan, lagu adalah sebuah seni yang indah. Meskipun beberapa lagu kedengaran membuatmu ingin muntah. Loh knapa? La ya iya no ... Ada yang disebut-sebut plagiat lah ... Lagu yang menyesatkan, atau lirik yang berkonten porn atau violence. Aaah .. whatever! I believe you have your own type. And you know how to love it ^_^

Sepertinya cukup untuk hari ini, maaf jika ada kata-kata yang ngawur dan mungkin membuatmu tersinggung. (Heheheh , wayahe formal iki rrek!) But, overall ... aku lega, aku puas bisa menyemburkan sesuatu disini. Judul post Shocking Inspiration ini mungkin terdengar aneh. Tapi, seaneh apapun yo iki dadine rrek! Wes gak usah protes , hahahah ....

Penak e Nulis Opo Ngene Iki ?????

Wes a? Yokpo ngene iki? Bingung kate noles opo! tapi inspirasiku iki lohh .. Membabi buta.
Persahabatan a ? Cinta a? Uang a ? Utang a ? Owalah orep .. orep .. !

I wish I could be the one who really understand What is Life?
Kabeh wong duwe pengertian dhewe-dhewe rupane. But, at least I can still be grateful of all of this. Everything that "educates" me become well (well, better i think :-p). This life is so hard , yeah indeed. And that's enough! Please!! Jangan membuatku ingin mengupasnya dengan bahasa yang bertele-tele. Hhhuffft ... (Yeahh , Did it :-D)

Or ... talking about something that really shocking!! Embarrassing?? Dishonor?!
And I surely can say : "Sucks!" Some people will say : "Owh My Gosh !! How come ??"
Yo iso ae Lek, Lek . . . . Opo sing Gak iso ndek Ndunyo iki? Heheheh , metuek yo aku? Sorry , ya mungkin aku sesaat tadi mengalami sebuah Spontanitas Dewasa Mendadak. (Hadahh .. sak enak e dhewe aku lek ngetik rek, Pecatttt !!)

I'm saying this : "Life means Learning." Yeah , aku merasakan dan aku mendalami. Apa yang aku alami saat ini adalah belajar , memahami , menganalisis, mencoba-coba (Mencoba-coba??? sek rek , iki benar-benar denotasi. Tolong jangan beranggapan lain :-p). La gurune? Sopo Beth? Yo .. awakmu dhewe iku ..

Onok maneh sing ngomong : "Life is a game." Yang aku tangkap adalah , kita sebagai lakon dalam sebuah game untuk mendapatkan score tertinggi. Contoh : Aku harus bangun pagi besok! Jika aku bisa, maka aku menang dalam game awal ini! (Heheheh , menurutku this is ridiculous, tapi yo wes lah. Gak duwe bahan gae njelasno ngene iki.) La trus Musuh e sopo Beth? Yo awakmu dhewe iku ..

Loh? Kok iso? Relasine? Adakah Eksplanasi nya? Okay! Stop ... Gak usah kakean takok, definisikno dhewe!

I just don't know, seems like I'm on my full emotion when i type some words here. Biasa .. Lagi Gendeng (xixixixix) . Sepertinya, aku menumpahkan sesuatu disini. Ya, yang mungkin nggak bisa aku implementasikan dalam sebuah ucapan yang keluar dari mulutku. But, it's not over. I have my own way to express it. I know how to deal with it! Yeahh . . .

Guys, aku mulai capek dan lelah dengan pemikiran yang mendadak mencuat dari otakku dan sesegera ingin disalurkan. (rek , iki maknanya mendalam loh gak vulgar! hahaha)
lanjut==> What I've learned today is about Hardness. How hard? Dunno ... Just feel it. You have your own tricks to deal with it. I believe everyone is genius! I can learn something from you guys. Thanks for being you. I appreciate it.


dengan otak yang menggila.

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010


Yangti, If I were so close to you. I'll tell you everything that happen in my life. So far, I've been doing the best things for your love one(s). I can see that you could be so affected. In my dream I saw you text a message on a white board with your marker "Thank you so much". I didn't understand whom you thank for? Then, I just keep my question cause you didn't even notice that. You're just smile at me so sincerely. And I could feel that you're so worry about me, about us. You're doing a lot of things in your family. You're so dedicated. I would be very Thankful if I have chance to have a little chat with you.

I'm sorry, I just can't stand with this circumstance. I try to control this such a Giant Emotion, but seems that It keeps hurting me inside. By saying this : "Past is Past" isn't working well. I'm weak indeed, but I'm strong (Gosh?? I can't even say the right phrase though it based on my unexpressed feeling!! Pathetic (-_-)). I lack of Inspiration. But, this is a heart call. I must express it soon, or I'm dying. What a Phenomenon !

I need you to respond it, Yangti . I need you to do something. You're the only hope.

I make wish, say a prayer everyday for us. Best thing for us, yangti. Tell me something i don't know. Tell me something good. Can i make a dream come true? Soon? or again and again, I must be patient and have a longer waiting? Does it hurt? Does it tear me a part? I really wanna know your comment about me. I keep learning to do everything to make everyone respect me. But, sometimes it's hard sometimes it's too easy. The more thing about you, I'm learning everything to make you happy and satisfied by me.

I wish, you could be here. Listening to me, giving some advices. There're some more things you don't know. But. no worries. You're gonna know. Thanks Yangti. All i hope for right now is you. I can feel that we're so closed, yet so far.




Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

October 11, Ndronk, Love

October 11 last year was not the same just like this year. One day after My Daddy Passed away, but I never forgot what i have to do, at least i still could text him : "Happy Birthday, Darling :-) I love You." And of course, This year is much better than last year. I made a little surprise to My Ndronk :-p. So, i name it Revenge. Last year, he really made a big surprise for my birthday. Yeah, this is my turn to shock Him.

Well actually, this is a simple surprise and I didn't even plan it seriously. But, in the morning i had little chat with my two friends (Arin and Ipin). And suddenly I really wanna make a little plan.

First, I reserve a little tart with the candle (33) to my friend (Nana). Then, something happen and it little ridiculous. (hohohoh, no need to share :-p)

Second, I made a plan with Arin and Ipin about the perfect time , bla bla bla.

Then, Fortunately. I got the perfect time! Ipin came to his house earlier. Then he contacted me to come soon , while Ndronk is still took a bath. Hohohohho ... Show Time!!

I and Arin enter his room, we together prepare to light the candle. And .... Perfectly !! Exactly the same thing as I plan happen!! When he entered the room after taking a bath, Viola!! Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday To you ... Hohohohoh ..

I can see that He was really ashamed. Then, he could just smile and looked at me so happily. Then, we're all together tell him to Make A wish and blow the candle, :-* mwaaahhhh !

Guys, sorry for the bad pics ^_~. But, one thing i wanna share with you all. This is about our Commitment :-). He said something that really really make me so blown away and affected T.T.

This is his statement : We have committed for our future and the children. I must marry her, I won't let her go. We must be united, If not This isn't our will, But God's. One thing I know and He knows for sure, our commitment. That's all. I love you and your two little angles darling.

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

October 7th and Love

I used to Make a Wish on My birthday ... I was so happy that early in the morning some people text me saying Happy Birthday. My friend, my love, my family. I'm grateful for the day (October 7th, 2010).

Nothing special on My birthday, though I'd expect for more spectacular than last year :-p. But seems that, i must face the circumstance. And of course, It's not what i expected. Being hurt by someone we love in the day. Never imagine before, I got nothing to do. Just depressed, hurt, so sorry, disappointed, those kind of evil things i hate. I hate it so Much! These only can kill me ...

We broke each other, our heart , I just can say : "It's not Fair! This should be my party, celebration, surprise! But What is it All about?! Killing me softly? Owh Gosh ... Gimme a break!" Those kind of complaining was coming out from my mouth again and again. So i walked alone and crying. In fact, I'm just a kid. I need somebody to help me. No! Nobody, but You! "Please ... heal me .. heal me .. heal me .. !"

But, I wanna die! I grabbed a big hard black stone. Throwing this Rock to My Head! Let it Bleeding, so You'll come and save me. Could it be? But ...
I heard the sound of a little girl burst into tears and saying this : " Mama ................. Mama ........!!!" I didn't care. I ignored it. But what the heck is happening??!! I recognized this voice. This voice is .. Jevira.
Oh Gosh! I knelt down, just realized. My lil' angel call someone. Her Mom. I'm her Mom. Oh no, Another Mom *sigh*. And so it is. He found me. Hold my hand, then saying : " Let's go Home."

And when I'm home, I locked my self in to a room alone. Some of my friend wanted me to get out. Once again I ignored that, but He broke the door, then Hug me Tightly. Oh, the Power of A Hug. It effectively Heal me from My Wounds.
While I'm Hugged, He's whispering : "Did you ask Do I love You? I LOVE YOU. How deep? SO DEEP! Please don't be naughty I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU, I NEED YOU! I'm sorry Honey .. I love You! Don't make me suffer. Don't leave me. Don't hurt me, coz When you hurt me You hurt my Lil' Angels, Our Lil' Angels. I'm so sorry.
Oh .. The Power of Love .
I feel so regret. I know He loves me. I love him too. I don't wanna make you hurt honey. I LOVE YOU. I'm sorry for making you so worry. I never meant to do you harm. Don't waste your time on Me, You're already The Voice Inside My Head (Blink_IMU). It's something for you honey ...