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Selasa, 21 Desember 2010

Mom, today is your day.

Now, it's December 22. Yes, it's Mother Day. Nice to know that I can still say : "Happy Mother's day, Mom." This purple daisy is special for my Mom. I know that purple is mom's favorite color. I'm saying "Happy Mother's Day for all Wonderful Moms in the world."

Special for these people :

My mom while she ironed her outfit, then my sist took her picture , hohoho. Nice pic, I love it <3

My wonderful granny, but She's in the hospital now :'( I hope that she gets better soon.

I am so happy for knowing them well as my moms. I'm so thankful for everyone who's being mom today :). Being a mom is such a greatest job in the world. Showing their love patiently to their children, so lovely and kind! I'm not a real mom but everyone knows that they call me mom :"> I'm so loving it. Anyway, this is for you moms. Special for you :-)

With Love,

Betha ^_^

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