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Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

October 11, Ndronk, Love

October 11 last year was not the same just like this year. One day after My Daddy Passed away, but I never forgot what i have to do, at least i still could text him : "Happy Birthday, Darling :-) I love You." And of course, This year is much better than last year. I made a little surprise to My Ndronk :-p. So, i name it Revenge. Last year, he really made a big surprise for my birthday. Yeah, this is my turn to shock Him.

Well actually, this is a simple surprise and I didn't even plan it seriously. But, in the morning i had little chat with my two friends (Arin and Ipin). And suddenly I really wanna make a little plan.

First, I reserve a little tart with the candle (33) to my friend (Nana). Then, something happen and it little ridiculous. (hohohoh, no need to share :-p)

Second, I made a plan with Arin and Ipin about the perfect time , bla bla bla.

Then, Fortunately. I got the perfect time! Ipin came to his house earlier. Then he contacted me to come soon , while Ndronk is still took a bath. Hohohohho ... Show Time!!

I and Arin enter his room, we together prepare to light the candle. And .... Perfectly !! Exactly the same thing as I plan happen!! When he entered the room after taking a bath, Viola!! Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday to you ... Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday To you ... Hohohohoh ..

I can see that He was really ashamed. Then, he could just smile and looked at me so happily. Then, we're all together tell him to Make A wish and blow the candle, :-* mwaaahhhh !

Guys, sorry for the bad pics ^_~. But, one thing i wanna share with you all. This is about our Commitment :-). He said something that really really make me so blown away and affected T.T.

This is his statement : We have committed for our future and the children. I must marry her, I won't let her go. We must be united, If not This isn't our will, But God's. One thing I know and He knows for sure, our commitment. That's all. I love you and your two little angles darling.

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