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Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

October 7th and Love

I used to Make a Wish on My birthday ... I was so happy that early in the morning some people text me saying Happy Birthday. My friend, my love, my family. I'm grateful for the day (October 7th, 2010).

Nothing special on My birthday, though I'd expect for more spectacular than last year :-p. But seems that, i must face the circumstance. And of course, It's not what i expected. Being hurt by someone we love in the day. Never imagine before, I got nothing to do. Just depressed, hurt, so sorry, disappointed, those kind of evil things i hate. I hate it so Much! These only can kill me ...

We broke each other, our heart , I just can say : "It's not Fair! This should be my party, celebration, surprise! But What is it All about?! Killing me softly? Owh Gosh ... Gimme a break!" Those kind of complaining was coming out from my mouth again and again. So i walked alone and crying. In fact, I'm just a kid. I need somebody to help me. No! Nobody, but You! "Please ... heal me .. heal me .. heal me .. !"

But, I wanna die! I grabbed a big hard black stone. Throwing this Rock to My Head! Let it Bleeding, so You'll come and save me. Could it be? But ...
I heard the sound of a little girl burst into tears and saying this : " Mama ................. Mama ........!!!" I didn't care. I ignored it. But what the heck is happening??!! I recognized this voice. This voice is .. Jevira.
Oh Gosh! I knelt down, just realized. My lil' angel call someone. Her Mom. I'm her Mom. Oh no, Another Mom *sigh*. And so it is. He found me. Hold my hand, then saying : " Let's go Home."

And when I'm home, I locked my self in to a room alone. Some of my friend wanted me to get out. Once again I ignored that, but He broke the door, then Hug me Tightly. Oh, the Power of A Hug. It effectively Heal me from My Wounds.
While I'm Hugged, He's whispering : "Did you ask Do I love You? I LOVE YOU. How deep? SO DEEP! Please don't be naughty I AM NOTHING WITHOUT YOU, I NEED YOU! I'm sorry Honey .. I love You! Don't make me suffer. Don't leave me. Don't hurt me, coz When you hurt me You hurt my Lil' Angels, Our Lil' Angels. I'm so sorry.
Oh .. The Power of Love .
I feel so regret. I know He loves me. I love him too. I don't wanna make you hurt honey. I LOVE YOU. I'm sorry for making you so worry. I never meant to do you harm. Don't waste your time on Me, You're already The Voice Inside My Head (Blink_IMU). It's something for you honey ...

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