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I welcome you to by blog. Hope that you can enjoy and learn something from my post. ^_^I welcome you to my Blog, Hope that you'll enjoy and learn something from my posts. ^_^

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010


Yangti, If I were so close to you. I'll tell you everything that happen in my life. So far, I've been doing the best things for your love one(s). I can see that you could be so affected. In my dream I saw you text a message on a white board with your marker "Thank you so much". I didn't understand whom you thank for? Then, I just keep my question cause you didn't even notice that. You're just smile at me so sincerely. And I could feel that you're so worry about me, about us. You're doing a lot of things in your family. You're so dedicated. I would be very Thankful if I have chance to have a little chat with you.

I'm sorry, I just can't stand with this circumstance. I try to control this such a Giant Emotion, but seems that It keeps hurting me inside. By saying this : "Past is Past" isn't working well. I'm weak indeed, but I'm strong (Gosh?? I can't even say the right phrase though it based on my unexpressed feeling!! Pathetic (-_-)). I lack of Inspiration. But, this is a heart call. I must express it soon, or I'm dying. What a Phenomenon !

I need you to respond it, Yangti . I need you to do something. You're the only hope.

I make wish, say a prayer everyday for us. Best thing for us, yangti. Tell me something i don't know. Tell me something good. Can i make a dream come true? Soon? or again and again, I must be patient and have a longer waiting? Does it hurt? Does it tear me a part? I really wanna know your comment about me. I keep learning to do everything to make everyone respect me. But, sometimes it's hard sometimes it's too easy. The more thing about you, I'm learning everything to make you happy and satisfied by me.

I wish, you could be here. Listening to me, giving some advices. There're some more things you don't know. But. no worries. You're gonna know. Thanks Yangti. All i hope for right now is you. I can feel that we're so closed, yet so far.




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